How to wash your goalkeeper gloves, goalkeeping gloves for sale in surrey

With goalkeeping gloves costing as much as boots now a lot of people ask me how do I look after them so they last longer.

All gloves wear and tear but by keeping gloves clean and damp will add more life in the gloves.

A lot of keepers will play and just chuck their gloves into their kits bag come rain or shine; this will not help the life of the glove.

This is how to clean your gloves, soak them in warm water with a pea size drop of washing up liquid(this will bring dirt and mud to the surface) after a good soak say 1 hour min, massage or rub the palms and back hands to get rid of the dirt. Once the gloves are looking clean rinse them under more warm water or in a new bucket of warm water, ring them out so they are as dry as possible. Then leave the gloves to dry (good place is bath room), gloves should always have a damp palm.



Glove cleaning NO NO!!!!

NO, washing machine, airing cupboard, radiators, hair dryer, scrubbing brush.

Just wash with warm water and dry naturally.

Hope this helps your goalkeeper gloves

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