How to warm up as a goalkeeper before your game!

This is a MASSIVE problem with young keepers. And that is getting a proper warm up before a game.

Normally what happens is the keeper goes in goal, and his team mates fire 10 balls at once at him or her! Not only is this no good in terms of getting a good warm up… but it’s dangerous!

I know you might say the manager should be responsible for the keepers warm up, but in their defence 99% of grassroots managers do not know how to warm up their keeper.

So what advise you to do are 2 things:

  1. Go to your J4K coach (Or your goalkeeper coach if you are not with J4K.) and ask him to set out a warm up routine for you!
  1. If you watch your local professional or semi professional team play, take a note pad and pen and write down what your favourite keeper is doing to get warmed up. I bet you a million pound he does not go straight into the goal and let his teammates blast 100 balls at him!
  2. Better still get your iPhone out and film your favourite goalkeeper warm up and simply copy!

Any warm up your favourite Pro or Semi Pro keeper does, is good enough for you!

Also if you’re a parent of a goalkeeper, please take responsibility for your child. Tell the manager that you will warm your son/daughter up before the game. So you research the above (with you goalkeeping child) and put it into practice before the game!


This video i did many years ago will still help you, so check it out.


Best of goalkeeping

Ray Newland