How to take a goal kick. Practice your goal kicks


By far the number one question I get from keepers and parents is ‘I struggle with my goal kick’ or ‘How can I work on my goal kick’10277463_10152141995119849_8237932605589814820_n

The answer I give to most of the keepers and parents is ‘how often do you practice?’ most keepers say ‘not very often’……….

Like any skill in goalkeeping you need to practice all the time. The day you say I don’t need to practice is the day you think your too good. The reason why top goalkeepers like Joe Hart train every day is to improve.

We have put together to videos. The first video is to show you how to take a goal kick and the second video is to show you how to practice your goal kicks.

Please watch both videos, take the advice in the videos and you will improve on your kicks.

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