This must be the most common question i get asked from students and parents,the materials used in gloves are designed to provide the best grip possible but not always for long periods of time ,to maximise this proses here are a couple of tips i have tried and tested through out my playing and coaching days 1.keep one pair of gloves for games only don’t even warm up in them put them on just before kick off , during games we want our gloves to perform at there best and not let us down so by minimising there use  they last longer at their best a mid range  glove for training these glove are harder wearing and in training they get more use hence its save you money, getting a mid range in stead of top of the range which are more expensive.3 keep your gloves clean , wash in luck warm water only, after every time you wear them ,muddy gloves won’t help you catch the ball clean one’s will.4 keep them damp ,when the grip is aloud to dry out it becomes brittle and brakes down,most gloves now come in a pouch this is not just fancy packaging it is to keep your gloves in when not in use it will also keep them damp after washing ready for you next training session or game.5 keep a water bottle in your glove bag ,if its a dry day and your gloves are drying out just wet them again with your water.6 keep a small towel in your glove bag ,not only can dry gloves be a problem overly wet ones can be as well if you carry a towel you can wipe your gloves to keep them damp and not too wet.

I hope these 6 tips are helpful they have help me and made my glove perform better and last longer.