Time after time I turn up to coaching sessions to find keepers with muddy or worm out gloves and they wonder why they cant catch a simple ball.

Your gloves are a very important part of your kit if not the most important part and spending just 5 minutes after every game or training session to clean them will make a world of difference just using clean warm water and gently rubbing the palms to get as much mud out as possible allowing them to semi dry at room temperature but not to dry them out completely as when the latex dries completely it will start to deteriorate and go flaky ,so when they are semi dry put them in your glove bag for next time .

They are now lots of products on the market to help maintain your gloves such as glove wash which dose help but not essential glove glu will also help but still not essential as long as you follow the first steps of cleaning your gloves you will see a massive improvement .

What gloves to buy? they are 100’s of gloves on the market every ex pro seems to have brought there own range out but if you look close enough its only the back hand thats different they all more or less us the same latex palm just with different cuts to aid with comfort they will still perform the same if you keep them clean ,you can get gloves from anything from £5 to £130 per pair granted the cheep one’s wont last long and the expensive one’s will state they are state of the art glove worn by world class keepers if you are not a world class keeper you don’t need to pay over the odds for gloves just a good quality mid range glove will be more than adequate for any grass root keeper £20 to £40 is more than enough to spend especially when you will need 2 to 4 pairs of match gloves a session .

Just4keepers offer a excellent range of glove to suit all fits and price ranges from £10 to £49 and for most of there range you will get a free sponsored pair so you will get 2 pairs of good quality gloves f0r around £35 which is a bargain,to find out more visit www.1stopkeepershop.co.uk and have a look for yourself but remember keep your gloves clean will equal more clean sheets as you will be able to train and play with more confidence in catching the ball.