So many times, you as a goalkeeper are accustomed to advice from people telling you how you need to be precise when making decisions or when coming out for the ball and try being braver in 1v1 or communicate to your players and much more. Sadly, enough they are usually right, because they got the best view, the view from the spectator.  I say sadly because some of this advice however meaningful or well intend comes from people who have never put on those gloves or positioned between the poles and will tell the keeper everything one has done wrong.

In these series, we are going to examine ways in which one can develop particular qualities using opportunities in every day life. This, in my opinion is very vital when nurturing young talent because it’s important for the young stars to associate their reactions or actions to challenges off the pitch with those on the pitch i.e. ones reactions to life opportunities off the pitch, at home, on the streets, at school, both in thought and behaviour process, can be identical to their reaction on the pitch and since the pitch is the stage to express character and style as a goalkeeper wouldn’t you want to be well equipped with both?


” Don’t mind if I Do”

Largely this virtue is hardly practised consciously however it’s one of the most paramount skills a goalkeeper has to develop and characterise it to their nature. According to the dictionary definition, Awareness can be said has having knowledge or the realisation of situation or fact. For a young goalkeeper, having knowledge would mean developing a good understanding of the role, the right skills (physical and mental) to execute the role and the pathways of reaction when things go your way and when they don’t. Developing this knowledge therefore involves practicing or training a variety of skills from

Set positions, footwork movements,  Reaction technics,  communication methods,  Presence, Handling, Feet use techs, Diving styles, etc., and practicing under the guidance of experienced passionate goalkeeper coach is absolutely priceless(checkout:

But developing Awareness can not just be left to field practice because its such an important facet to be left or found on the pitch. It’s a life virtue that influences our every day reactions or actions and its this field of life that the vast training time can be found. Parents and Guardians of young goalkeepers  in particular have the opportunity to be the life coaches and teachers and are best positioned to play this role more than others because of the degree of love they have for their children to develop this skill on a conscious level through the day to day moments from when you get out of bed to when you get back in it. Moments to develop awareness are vast in daily living and Parents do wise to consciously seek them out and address them accordingly as training opportunities. If you a Parent or guardian of a goalkeeper and have practised awareness exercises at home with you children please send me an email (email below)so I can share your exercises with other parents.

When awareness is practised as a skill off the pitch from a young age and on the pitch as physical and mental skills, over time this becomes a characterised discipline/skill that manifests with rhythm at any given situation on the pitch.

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