Over my many years coaching goalkeepers, from when I voluntary coached the young goalkeepers at the clubI played for over a 25 year period, or coaching all the GKs at J4K Devon & Cornwall .

One of the most common questions I have been asked by goalkeepers (actually this question comes 90% of the time from parents of the goalkeeper.) and that is.

I (or my child) is not going to be over 6ft, what are (their chances) of becoming a professional goalkeeper? or playing at a high level.

It always pains me when I hear this question, because I can hear the desperation, doubts BUT hope in the goalkeepers (and parents) question, looking for a slimmer of hope in my answer.

Now I am a firm believer, if a goalkeeper is good enough, they are big enough depending on their height, but I have to be honest and state it will be more of a challenge for a goalkeeper who is going to be under 6ft tall.

But there are things you can do as a goalkeeper, to stack the odds in your favour… but rather than write a big long essay, instead watch the Video on the link below-


I hope this helps.