Holbrook academy has taken off and keepers in the horsham area are getting the coaching they deserve.

4 weeks in and the effort of all the keepers has been amazing. Every single keeper has improved there technical abilities.

The keepers favourite part is always the incentives and rewards we give to them. We have keeper of the week given to the keeper who put in the most effort and had the best attitude during the sessions!

Haydn leading the way with 2 keeper of the weeks already, only 3 to go and he receives a free pair of J4K gloves. Dominic and Alex have won it once so are off the mark for there free gloves also.

We not only reward keepers for the great work they put in during our sessions but also the work and effort they put into games with there respective clubs!

Dom enjoyed winning his Chocolate for keeping a clean sheet in a recent game playing for Faygate Falcons. Haydn was another winner of his chocolate bar for receivingĀ  man of the match award in his recent game for broadbridge heath!

Well done to all our keepers for the efforts they put into our sessions, it is paying off as all our keepers had good recent games for there respective clubs!