On a wet and windy Monday, where Storm Brendon did it best to disrupt everybody’s lives, the goalkeepers of our Horsham Academy were determined to ignore the poor conditions and have a fun Session.
We started off with a fun warm up and split the keepers into 2 teams for some football tennis. This went down well with the keepers. With there competitive nature neither team wanted to lose and some excellent diving punches were produced to ensure they didnt lose. A notable mention to Conrad who dived high to his left to get to a hard punch over the net and kept hold of the ball.

After the keepers were warm and either celebrated winning the tennis or got over the disappointment of losing ( with much blaming going on among the team that lost ) sam took the younger goalkeepers to work on dealing with 1 on 1’s. He started off with getting the keepers used to coming off there line. They started in goal and had to come out to the 1st cone to make a simple catch. Then to the 2and cone to make a low block. This got the keepers used to racing off there lines to make a save. They did this at different angles so the keepers got used to doing it in there whole area and not just a straight line. He progressed it on to 2 keepers acting as wingers and sam passed 1 of them the ball. The keeper who then had to go to goal and try score. The goalkeepers in goal then had to react and know to sprint out and slow down on approach and make themselves big which sam explained to them. By the end of the drill every goalkeeper was able to explain to sam what to do in a 1 on 1 situation and when to race out to the striker and when to hold a bit.
I took the older group to work on dealing with shots from angles. We started with a simple drill to help the keepers with there positioning within the goal explaining how to close down the angles so the striker doesn’t have alot to aim for. All the keepers did really well with the first drill and got into the correct position after doing abit of footwork to get into the goal in the first place, once in position it was a simple kick into the keeper for a catch to start with. This progressed into the keepers doing some footwork into the goal getting into position for the kick into there hands then getting across the goal to the other side to face a shot from an angle. All keepers did really with this and soon all got the hang of getting into the correct position and in the last round not 1 keeper conceded a goal which is fantastic to see. Some rememberable saves from Max who got down low a number of times to parry away a shot destined for the bottom corner. This from a keeper who plays on pitch most match days is amazing to see.
Once the keepers had got the positioning correct we worked on ensuring if you parry the shot it doesn’t go into the danger zone where strikers will be lurking. To do this we had 1 goalkeeper going through the drill and 4 others waiting in the middle of the area for rebounds. We explained to our keepers to be aware of there surroundings and if they cant keep hold of the ball ensure it is parried where no players are waiting. By the end of the drill all keepers had got the hang on this turns out, having your mates score against you if you parried it to them ensured the keepers listened and parried to safety.

We ended the session with some shot saving games with all keepers in goals creating a semi circle. A ball was passed into the middle for myself to then shoot at any goal I wanted too and the keepers making the save parrying it towards another to try and score themselves.

Well done to all our keepers. We are seeing tremendous progress with every single keeper. Keep working hard and having fun!


Keeper of the week went to Dominic who showed great attitude throughout the session and his work rate was fantastic. He never gave up even when using the full size goal which he currently doesn’t use in match days. Well done Dom.

Our other keeper of the week was Zeva who was fully focused the entire time and listened to what sam was explaining and executed it to perfection well done to Zeva.

Max won himself the chocolate for save of the session. Which is now named Saves of the session because of the amount of excellent saves we are seeing. Well done Max we are seeing amazing progress every week from him and he is getting more confident at being in goal all the time.