Monday 9th December

Lots of enthusiastic goalkeepers with us tonight.
The older group were working on long range shots and dealing with crosses in today’s session.
Each keeper performed admirable with the long range shots and after some tuition on there positioning within the area every keeper was pulling off fantastic saves.
We moved into how to deal with crosses which isn’t an easy thing for a young keeper to do. We worked on the correct technique to catch a cross and when to try catch and when to punch. It was during this drill that we found our keeper of the week. Max isn’t the tallest of the group and wasnt confident of doing well trying to catch a cross against taller players. However his attitude was fantastic and he tried and never gave up and dealt with all crosses really well. He deserves his 2nd keeper of the week award for just this exercise alone! He kept his fantastic attitude going all the way through the session and always gave 100 % so well done to Max! 2nd keeper of the week in a row!!

Well done to Brandon who won the chocolate for a fantastic save in the shooting game. He had 2 other keepers on front of him blocking his view but he held his dive and at the last minute threw himself bottom corner and got a strong hand on the ball to push it around the post ??

The younger group were coached by Sam and he worked on there handling techniques and some work with the ball at there feet.
Handling is very important as a keeper not just because they have to catch a ball. Good handling can be the difference between making a save and keeping hold of the ball, then creating an attacking opportunity for the team with good distribution, or making a save and humbling the ball or pushing it into danger, then having to either make another save or worse pick the ball out the net. The most important thing about handling technique is less risk of injury. Alot of injuries with young goalkeepers will Injure there fingers or wrist because they haven’t been taught good handling techniques.
Well done to Ollie who received keeper of the week award due to his work rate throughout the entire session. He never gave up even when conceding and pushed himself to be better every time.

Such was the display the keepers showed Sam couldn’t choose between 2 keepers for the best saves of the session so both ended up winning the chocolate ?