Very Happy To receive another happy goalkeeper testimony and more importantly another J4K success story

To Ray and the J4k Family,

I wanted to write you and thank you for the quality of the goalkeeper gloves and the price. Nothing on the market comes close.

That’s not why I’m writing you today. My son was introduced to the goalkeeper position at his club around 3 years ago. I had no clue as to the complexity of the position. We searched high and low for information about this position. We tried different coaches, videos, and books and became very frustrated. To our luck, we stumbled across some YouTube videos online. It was Ray w/J4K providing key coaching tips and lessons. This became our son’s course work. He would watch and apply, watch and apply steadily building our son’s foundation. He loved it!

Fast forward 1095 days (3 years), thousands of minutes watching J4K videos and a lot of hard work, I must say he’s a very well rounded goalkeeper. Solid technical skills provided by Ray Newland/J4K.

We want to thank Ray, his family and J4K for helping him grow into the keeper he can be. We know it’s a long road ahead and you never know what will happen but we fell he has a great advantage having a solid J4K foundation.

James was just offered a spot as the U14 goalkeeper for the MLS Pro Academy, Atlanta United FC for the 2017/18 season.

Thank you again and we will forever be a fan of the J4K system.


The Dee Family