DSCN1207If you want to develop and as a keeper you need to find a goalkeeper coaching schools that are focusing on coaching and training, and who are normally training week in week out. All year round!

So if you want to improve as a keeper, these types of goalkeeper schools are the ones you needed to be attending. To give you idea:

So I stress, If you want to improve your:


The best goalkeeper schools to attend are the ones that state coaching or training.

If you are not really interested in being developed as a goalkeeper but just want go to a goalkeeper schools to kill some time, maybe in the school holidays, well the companies that promote goalkeeper courses will be for you.

As I said above, it is only a slight difference, so remember; it’s all about what YOU want to achieve as a goalkeeper. I hope this helps you see the difference between what is getting advertised. Thank you for taking the time to read this piece and please come and have a FREE session with just4keepers today.

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Best of Goalkeeping!