Goalkeeping – Teaching the basics

What is the most fun thing for a young goalkeeper?

Diving about making parry saves and then saving the rebound and making a double save.. I call them camera saves.

While this looks expressive, impressive and is a whole lot of fun we cannot forget teaching our grassroots goalkeepers the importance of the basics and their techniques to becoming a complete goalkeeper. Its getting that balance as a coach of teaching the basics and keeping the session fun and engaging.

Last week in training we looked at low shots and the scoop save using the simple pick up, long barrier and K barrier techniques. Starting very basic with hand shape and building up to one touch return shots and then on to game related drills incorporating these techniques.

During the debrief one of the young goalkeepers said ‘why didn’t we make any saves today..’ As we spoke and assessed the session they all understood the importance of these fundamental techniques, having all at some point during the session let one or two slip through their hands ‘opportunity’s to learn’.

We do not want to take away the fun factor as this is an essential emotion in developing as a goalkeeper and in life, but at the same time build a solid foundation from which to grow and flourish.


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