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Are rebounders any good or are they just a gimmick?

I have been using rebounders in my sessions for the past 8 years and they definitely have there use.

And there are many to choose from with varying cost.

So here is quick look at the pros and cons of working with rebounders.

Working on your own

You can train on your own and really get creative, if its handling, diving, footwork, fitness you can set up drills to develop your goalkeeping.

Check out our 3 part video series for some ideas

The one thing I would say is when you serve yourself your feet can be out of position and not level, but this can be used within the drill to get the feet level before the ball rebounds back.

Overall I have found the Crazy Catch rebounders to be the best I have used in terms of longevity, versatility and quality of rebound speed. And with the double trouble side the ball also deflects back from different angles. This side is best used with size 5 footballs as smaller balls sometimes go through the larger holes in the rebounder net. Overall its a great rebounder and worth the money.

Working with larger groups of goalkeepers

In this video you can see how 2 x lower cost rebounders were used to warm up a group of goalkeepers. Its a fun session and adds a bit of variety for the students during their warm up.

We used these rebounders for more dynamic drills and they held up very well. What you don’t get is the double trouble side and I have also done this drill with 1 x Crazy Catch rebounder as it has the 2 sides.

But if your budget doesn’t stretch to the higher end rebounders £90+ there are good alternatives.

In terms of transportation the Crazy Catch Wild Child fits in most cars with the seats down, the larger Crazy Catch Pro Classic is a lot bigger and would only really fit in larger cars.

If your keen to practise your goalkeeping in the garden or at the park on your own they are great fun and definitely worth buying.

And for goalkeeper coaches their a great bit of equipment to have in your coaching kit. Keepers of all ages want variation and they can be used to great effect in realistic practises and ultimately develop your keepers.

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