20140804_173332Champions League Goalkeeper and J4K Coach Matty Gregg on match day tips.

Just4Keepers will try to give you a few tips during the season to help you during your games, the advice we will give you are from PRO KEEPERS who have played at the highest level and have used these tips/techniques to help them excel as a Professional Goalkeeper.

TIP 1: KEEP IT SIMPLE – This is an error that SO MANY Goalkeepers make. Being a goalkeeper you can have prolonged periods of lack of action, a lot of goalkeepers then feel the need to ‘do something special’ when the action comes their way. doing this will only get you into trouble. I have listed a few examples of what i mean by the phrase ‘KEEP IT SIMPLE’ and if you abide by this simple rule you will grow in confidence as the game/season progresses
(i) Receiving a back pass – DO concentrate on your first touch and give a simple pass to your nearest team mate DO If under pressure in a tight corner go long or just pass the ball out for a throw in DO NOT try and ping a 40 yard pass accross the face of your goal DO NOT try and round an attacker if you find yourself in a tight corner

TIP 2: TALKING – As a Pro Keeper i learnt to realise as my career progressed that if i ‘communicated’ well with my defence my job became alot easier. Alot of goalkeepers get confused between ‘Talking’ & ‘Shouting’, a good communicator is not a Keeper that screams at his defence when they have bad a mistake so everyone watching can hear. A good ‘talker/communicator’ is a goalkeeper that is proactive and organises his defence before the mistake has happended, again you need to keep it simple with short sharp clear shouts so your defence can understand and act on your advice, i have agian listed a few simple shouts that will help you communicate with your defence

(i) HOLD THE LINE – Use this when you want your defence to stay high on the pitch and not drop in on top of you
(ii) AWAY – when you sense danger and think the defender should clear his/her lines
(iii) RIGHTFOOT/LEFT FOOT – If you are willing to receive a back pass, make your job easier by telling the defender clearly which foot you would like to receive the ball
(iiii) MAN ON – If you can see an opponent approaching your team mate let him know early with this shout
(iiiii) KEEPERS – The most obvious shout BUT it has to be EARLY, so many Keepers will shout KEEPERS when the ball is in there hands, if doing this there is no point shouting it at all. The best Keepers will call early, this will then give your defenders the oppotunity to block attackers from challenging you which will then give you a FREE catch

20140806_143853I hope these tips will help you at the weekend and REMEMBER feel free to email Just4Keepers at any time if you need any advice on your Goalkeeping OR Goalkeeping equipment

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Good luck to ALL Keepers with a game this weekend