They say you don’t have to be crazy to be a Goalkeeper, but it helps. On a cold frozen night at the Horsham academy I feel that saying was spot on. Out students weren’t fazed one bit by the freezing temperatures and freezing cold floor they were diving on!
In these blogs I always talk about how well our keepers are progressing and the amazing attitudes of them all. I would talk about some positive criticisms however there really aren’t any. The only notable thing is one our keepers, Max, winning keeper of the week and worrying about his hair more than being happy with the award ? back to a serious note everyone of our keepers at horsham put in 100% effort again and showed good composure and technical abilities.
Our coach Sam took the warm up this week and he split them into 2 groups and had 6 different coloured cones in a line with a goal at the end of them. He had one keeper ready to shoot at the goal who would shout 1 colour out. The keeper waiting would run up touch the colour shouted and get into the goal. To start with it was shots into the keeper so they could make a simple catch. As the warm up progressed the more colours were called out and the shots taken were changed. High shots then low shots all into the keeper. Sam then had the keepers side stepping between all cones, sprinting into the goal to face 2 shots in quick succession.
After the warm up I took the older group over to the big goal to work on dealing with cut backs and covering the distance in goal quickly. I had the keepers start with a ball in the middle of the goal and they had to side step to a keeper by the post to pass the ball too. They then had to get across the goal quickly make a catch ¾ of the way across. They then had some footwork through cones to do around the goal to get back to the start. Progressing the drill on, once they passed the ball on to the keeper they had to get across the goal to make a save at the opposite post. To start with the keepers struggled to make it the ground or they made up the ground but were running forwards so could dive if needed or change body shape if the shot cut across them. I gave the keepers some advice on how to get across the goal and we did the drill again. All the keepers were making it across the goal this time around and some of the save they made would have made it onto match of the day. It was in this drill that Haydn won his chocolate for save of the session. The ball was heading into the top corner if the goal but he got across the goal and made a dive , that de gea would have been proud of, and managed to push it around the post. It was such a good save it got all the other keepers applauding him for it.

Our keeper of the week award was given to Max who had amazing attitude throughout the session. He asked us questions and listened to our advice and had visible improved from the start of the session to the end. He was making some great saves as well and if it wasn’t for haydns brilliant save would have won the save of the session himself. Well done Max ( your hair looks fine )

Sam took the younger group and worked on there reactions. To start with he had the keepers face a ball thrown at them and then once they made the save a low shot at them and once that was saved a 3rd shot that could be anything. This helped the keepers with there reactions with such little space between shots and also there recovery speed after making a save. Sam then had them paired up with 1 keeper in goal and the other to take the shot. The Keeper in goal faced the wrong way and when the other keeper shouted there name they had to turn quickly and react to the shot that was already heading towards them. The final drill Sam did with the keepers involved abit of a shooting game. He had 2 goals set up at an angle to each other. 1 keeper in each goal and Sam would pass the ball into 1 of the keepers not in goal who could then shoot at either goal. Both keepers had to keep focused because a rebound could head towards there goal and they would have to save it. The keepers enjoyed this drill the most and had some fantastic saves pulled off during it.
Sam’s keeper of the week was Conrad this week. He made some amazing saves and also listened to everything sam had to say and executed the techniques to perfection. Well done to Conrad, who also got man of the match for his club at the weekend. Winning 8-0 but making some really good important saves to keep that clean sheet. You know you played well when a keeper gets man of the match when his team won 8-0 .

We finished the session with a game if dodge ball, with a bit I’d a difference. The keepers didnt get out if they were hit, it was all a points system. If they managed to catch the ball they won a point and if they were hit they lose a point. This was a fun way to end the session and teaches the keepers to keep focused all the time as balls were being thrown everywhere. Helped with reactions as well.
Well done to all our keepers for braving the freezing weather and making it an enjoyable session.