Matt glove losengeDear Fellow Goalkeepers

My name is Matt Nash and I have been a goalkeeper from the age of eight, playing all over the UK as a youngster. Now aged 29, I had been lucky to have been a professional goalkeeper and I now run Just4keepers which is the biggest goalkeeper academy in the World.

As a goalkeeper, I was sick to death of getting ripped off by greedy glove companies or buying the smaller glove brands just for their gloves to fall apart on me.

So in 2010 J4K brought our GK Gloves but did not forget my roots!!! So I made sure that my gloves where not only high specification but were low prices for grassroot keepers to help them save money (Or to help parents save money for the most part).

However I have gone one step further, I now want to sponsor grassroot goalkeepers and give YOU gloves FOR FREE!

If you take up my sponsorship offer, the only thing I ask, can you please tell AS MANY other keepers as you can, because the more that take up my offer, the longer I can give away free gloves.