J4K Surrey 2 Day Camp


Just4Keepers UK June 2 Day Coaching Course (7 – 16)

(Both boys and girls are welcome)

So why go on the Just4Keepers courses?

  • Fees are cheaper than any other coaching school in the area. (G/Keeper day courses like J4K are now going from £40 – £60 FOR THE DAY) But at J4K it is half price!
  • The coaching is in a fun environment, with only encouragement from coaches and other players.
  • The new times (9.00am  to 3.00pm) fit in with school times, so parents can go to work as normal.
  • Because numbers are strictly limited (only 36 children), there is a personal touch to our coaching, as we know each child’s name!
  • The coaches are Qualified and more importantly have experience.

When you pay for courses held by professional clubs, technically you are paying for your child to be under pressure? As they are going to impress… let them come to J4K and do what children should do…HAVE FUN

Over the 2-day course Keepers will learn and develop all the necessary skills to move their young footballing career forward,

While having FUN!

Plus a 2 day itinerary and coaching points on each technique.


Thursday 7th and Friday 8th

Old Latymerians Sports Ground

190 Wills Crescent, Hounslow, TW3 2JD

Remember Mums and Dads: You can put your child on a course that just want your money… and, who have no time for your child. Or you can come to J4K were finances are not our motivator but your child is!!!

J4K Special deal

If you book for both days, you will be entered into our Half term prize Draw