In article from the Guardian website focuses on England’s current goalkeeper problem. I wanted to highlight a part of the article which I thought was something to consider –

It may seem illogical to blame James for an untimely bobble of the ball, but I believe we should, mainly because goalkeeping is an illogical business, a pseudo science that – despite some waffle about angles and big-making and wrist-firmness – is still bound up in an invisible world of aura and personality and luck-creation.

The writer is attempting to point out that goalkeeping training/coaching  falls 2nd to ultimately having the personality (and luck) factor.

Obviously the writer has never been a goalkeeper, and fails to realise the only way you can build your confidence is through improving your ability. One cannot succeed without the other.

In other words, find the biggest, most confident loud-mouth you can, and put him in goals vs someone who has been goalkeeping training every week for the past 5 years. The loudmouth may have this illusive ‘personality’ the writer refers to, but there is no way he can outperform someone who’s been properly trained.

Common sense really…(but I suppose journalists need to sell papers…not talk sense!)