Did Joe Hart start something ! Is there something in the water that genetically produces quality Goalkeepers in Shrewsbury?

The reason I ask is that there is a production line coming up hard behind him that could produce one or two more nearly as good or just as good and, say this quietly, one I believe could be better!

Already there’s Mason Springthorpe who was signed at 16 by Everton after every Premier League club had watched him and after a horrible time with injuries he is looking to cement his position as 3rd/4th choice there during the coming season.

If he succeeds it wont be a surprise as having coached him a few times his determination to learn, practice and succeed was infectious and it’s no surprise that a fit and healthy Mason will make his way up the professional ladder very quickly

Then there’s Callum Burton who as well as being coached by me (and others!) at STFC Centre of Excellence he also attended Just4Keepers Shrewsbury in a close season to keep on top of his fitness and techniques. His hard work and dedication is paying off as he is now a Scholar at STFC and has just been selected for England U16 for a third time for a Summer Tournament in The Faroe Islands!

Following behind are two U15 keepers who are aleardy signed as Scholars at STFC and have had scouts from several top Premier League clubs watching them as well! and their detemination and focus matches those of Callum and Mason and Shrewsbury will be a Goalkeeping paradise for scouts for a while yet!

Goalkeeping in Shrewsbury has been a joy for me for three years now as I have seen these lads develop but here’s the thing that pleases me more than anything- Just4Keepers Shrewsbury is more than capable of adding more potentially good Goalkeepers to this list of great young lads however, remember the ethos of J4K – It is for all Keepers of all ages and levels of ability.

And as a Goalkeeper Coach in Shrewsbury I take huge pride in also developing the grassroot kids who are at a lower level of ability and watching them develop skills, techniques and confidence is a real thrill! And some of us call it work !