20140806_110859Goalkeeper Warm Up

How important is the right warm up for a goalkeeper? MASSIVE

Last week a manager asked me, why is his keeper starting slow and taking a while to get going? I asked is he doing a short, sharp goalkeeping warm up. The keeper like many wasn’t , the keeper was just being target practice.

Some quick tips for effective goalkeeper warm up
1. Let the keeper start with the team jog and stretch
2. When the players bring out the balls, start the gk warm up
3. Where? Not miles away from the team, set up a little goal near the team warm up
4. Start with light hands, serves above the waist and below
5. Get the keeper on the move, side stepping into saves or quick feet into a save
6. Bring out some small dives , not 100s
7. High ball, not crossed in. just small serves so the keeper can attack and talk
8. Get some small passes going, this could be done with the team
9. Please do not stick the gk in goal for shooting or 1on1 practice. If you do, manage the keeper to save 1 in 3 unless you have 3 keepers. Why? Do keepers make saves for 5 mins straight one after the other in a game? No, give them a realistic break without disrupting the shooting drill for the players.
10. Last of all, make the warm up age specific. Don’t expect a under 7 to warm up like ben foster

If you would like help with anything goalkeeper related please drop me a email, matt.nash@just4keepers.co.uk

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