A lot of goalkeepers (and especially a parent of a goalkeepers) thinking goalkeeper coaching and goalkeeper training is the same but there is a small difference.

With goalkeeper coaching, this is when a goalkeeper coach will normally stop the goalkeeper coaching sessions, to fine tune a goalkeepers technique. So basically the goalkeeper coach has seen a mistake that a goalkeeper student has made while training and the gk coach is correcting this technique.

So this is a goalie coach coaching his students, thus running a goalkeeper coaching session.

A goalkeeper training session is when a goalkeeper coach will set up his or her training session and then just let their students get on with their training while rarely stopping the goalkeeper training session, thus just letting the gk training session flow.

So that’s the difference, simple. One session is stop and start and the other session flows.

So the next question is, which goalkeeper training session is more important?

And the answer is ‘both’ are just as important as each other!

So as a goalkeeper or a parent of a goalkeeper, you must have a goalkeeper coach who does both.

You need a goalkeeper coach who will not only develop you but will allow you to put your new found skills into practice, so they need to allow some of their goalkeeper training sessions to flow!

So I hope this quick tip helps, this is the slight difference between goalkeeper training and goalkeeper coaching!

So make sure your goalkeeper coach is doing both!