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Delivering professional goalkeeper coaching to all ages and abilities across our 12 venues in Kent. We provide weekly group sessions, 1-2-1 sessions and holiday camps. Contact us today for a free taster session!

About us

Just4Keepers Southeast have been established for the past 15 years and in that time have helped thousands of goalkeepers reach their potential. Our coaching syllabus covers every aspect of goalkeeping, emphasizing the technical, tactical, psychological, physical and social areas of the game.  Our fun but challenging sessions are based around the progression of the individual and operate weekly, giving your child maximum opportunity to develop their goalkeeping. We currently coach over 300 keepers every week across 12 venues making us the leading provider of professional goalkeeper coaching.




We understand that young goalkeepers don’t always get the guidance and support they need, leaving them feeling alienated at times. This is why we endeavor to create a positive, inclusive environment for our students. One that allows them to feel apart of a community of like minded individuals, all striving for a common goal. We believe that all goalkeepers, regardless of age, gender or ability level should have access to the right coaching.

Significant thought goes into the planning of our sessions here at Just4Keepers to ensure that our students have the best possible experience with us and to create an atmosphere that is most conducive to growth.

Coaching can be challenging work, and much like many other professions requires years of experience to gain the attention to detail needed to be able to identify faults. It also requires the confidence, patience and perseverance to be able to put these faults right in a guiding and supporting way.

This is why all of our coaches here at Just4Keepers Southeast are fully qualified, fully DBS checked. Our coaches come with years of vital experience in working with young goalkeepers, to give you the confidence to know that your child is in the right place and to ensure our students continue to receive the best goalkeeper training possible here in Kent.

We look forward to welcoming you into our goalkeeping community!


Meet the coaches

Myles Coleman (Owner & Head coach)

Myles started his coaching journey at the age of 15 and has dedicated his life to helping young goalkeepers ever since. In the past 12 years, Myles has worked full time as a professional goalkeeper coach and has helped hundreds of keepers reach their potential through his methodical and patient approach to coaching. Myles prides himself on his ability to create a structured, safe and engaging learning environment in his sessions. The well being of all students in every session is given the highest priority.
Myles has helped dozens of students sign professional contracts throughout his coaching career, testimonials of which can be found throughout our social media. Myles has International coaching experience, having been head goalkeeper coach in international tournaments and for clubs in Australia, Spain and the UAE. Myles has also coached at academy level in scholarship programs and currently holds the FA level 2 in outfield and goalkeeping. Myles holds a 2:1 BA DEGREE in Sports Management and is also in the process of enrolling in his UEFA B course.




Andy Woodcock (Head Coach)

Having begun managing youth teams at Kent League level aged just 19 years old, Andy then continued his coaching while travelling Australia. After returning to the UK Andy was given an opportunity to coach for the then Championship side, Gillingham FC. Here he managed the U16 Academy side and was the Centre of Excellence goalkeeper coach.

During 2006 Andy also joined J4K. He has established both North and South Kent regions and with over 12 different venues is now responsible for the development of an average of 300 students per week and has helped dozens of his students play at professional clubs! Andy left Gillingham in 2010 to take upa new role as goalkeeper coach for the U18 Academy at Chelsea F.C. while continuing to grow and improve the availability of J4K throughout Kent. Andy currently holds his FA Level II Outfield and FA Level II Goalkeeper Badges, as well as the UEFA B Licences, and last season started his UEFA A Licence while working as the manager of  Margate F.C Under 21 side.

Andy’s reputation locally as one of the top young coaches in his area and the opportunity’s that J4K provide for keepers has meant that the overall standard of goalkeeping in Kent has greatly improved over recent years.


Josh Bexon (Academy Coach)

Our latest addition to our coaching team. Josh has extensive playing experience in the pro game, spending five seasons with Southend United F.C, signing a pro contact with them at the age of 18. Throughout this time Josh also gained his coaching qualifications and gained experience through working with the keepers in the youth section at Southend United FC. Josh currently play for professional side Dover Athletic F.C. We are so excited to have Josh on board with us, his knowledge of the professional game will benefit our students greatly.

Brian Snipp (Academy Coach)

Brian is a very experienced goalkeeper coach, having first received his FA qualification back in 2005. Since then, he has been a head goalkeeper coach for various local football teams including Whitstable FC and has also coached in Scholarship programs. Brian has also coached in academy settings, most recently for Gillingham FC. Brian is a valued member of our coaching team here at Just4Keepers Southeast.



Jordan Webster (Course Coach & J4K UAE Academy partner)


Jordan is our Course coach at Just4Keepers Southeast, attending our annual ‘Keeperwars’ competition, that sees up to 80 keepers take part in a day filled with goalkeeping. Jordan started his coaching journey at the age of 15 and was an ex student at J4KSE. Jordan now runs J4K UAE, offering the most advanced and comprehensive goalkeeping program in the United Arab Emirates.




Alfie Stevens (Assistant Coach)

Alfie has been a student at Just4Keepers Southeast for the last 10 years and has recently taken advantage of our coaching pathway we offer to students. Alfie has shadowed and learnt from our head coaches now for the last two years and is showing great potential.









Ollie Haines (Assistant Coach)

Ollie has also progressed through our student to coach pathway here at J4K. Ollie was a student at J4K for 10 years and now is an assistant coach at various venues as well as Ramsgate FC mens goalkeeper.



Success Stories

Here are a few of our pro signings at Just4Keepers Southeast.

Alfie, Gillingham FC

Alfie has been at Just4Keepers Southeast since he was 7 and the hard work has clearly paid off as he has recently signed a pro contract with Gillingham U10! Well done Alfie and best of luck for the future!



Callum, Gillingham FC

Congratulations to J4K student Callum for signing a pro contract for Gillingham FC under 9’s!


Jake, West Ham FC

Best of luck to Jake, Currently on a six week trial with West Ham!

Hayden & Lewis, Gillingham

Hayden and Lewis, both long serving students at Just4Keepers represent Gillingham FC under 11’s. Each of them spent three years at our academy before going onto sign for the pro club.


Louis, Gillingham F.C

Long serving Just4Keepers Southeast student has earned a full time contract with the League one side Gillingham FC. Congratulations and best of luck from all of us here at Just4Keepers Southeast!



Alex, Crystal Palace F.C

Congratulations to J4K Keeper Alex, for signing a pro contract with Crystal Palace!

Malachi, Gillingham F.C

Long term student of J4K, Malachi has signed a pro contract with Gillingham F.C. We wish him all the best from everyone here at Just4Keepers Southeast!

Josh Bexon, Southend United


Josh Bexon from Folkestone in Kent has signed on a 2 year contract by League 1 side Southend United. Josh has been a J4K student for the last 8 years! We wish him all the best for the future.


Joe, Gillingham F.C

Joe at GillsJoe from Just4keepers Academy in Ashford has been signed by Gillingham F.C Under 13’s for the 2013/14 season. Joe dazzled the coaches at the Gillingham Centre of Excellence after a 6 week trial and has now been taken on as their Number 1 keeper. Head Coach Andy Woodcock, who worked at Gillingham for 5 years said “Its so pleasing that I can help these young keepers to develop and give them the opportunities to make it to the very top”















Pro Keepers wearing J4K gloves


Ondrej Mastny, Manchester United FC



Tomas Holy, Ipswich Town FC



Rob Elliot, Newcastle United FC

Rob Elliott