Welcome to goalkeeper training in Wigan

Here at J4K we provide goalkeepers with the opportunity to improve their game. Through group sessions, 1-1 training and half term camps we have something for everyone. Here are the details for what we offer –

Weekly group training sessions – Our most popular choice! Each session has a specific focus with the aims of the session highlighted from the outset. Goalkeepers are put through a range of activities to work on the different techniques used in goalkeeping, before being given the opportunity to use what they’ve learnt in game related activities. Prizes are given on a weekly and monthly basis to reward goalkeepers for their hard work, progress, dedication and leadership. A conscious effort is made to make the environment as positive as possible for each goalkeeper who attends, you need to come and see for yourself how this brings out the best in them!

1-1 training sessions – Perfect for anyone looking for a more individualistic approach to their training. 1-1 sessions are the perfect opportunity to zoom in on specific areas of the goalkeepers game and make any adjustments. Sessions are intense with short rest periods to ensure maximum volume and output is gained from each session.

Half term camps – Every half term brings about a camp for goalkeepers. These camps are action packed days with each day being split up into 3 different sessions. Goalkeepers get the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a fun, pressure free environment whilst improving their game and meeting new people. Added extras into the camps include prizes every day and our FIFA 2021 set up for breaks and lunch. What better way to spend half term?

If you would like any more information contact Chris on 07925376537 and ask about your FREE taster session.

No matter what you’re looking for, we have goalkeeper training in wigan covered!