With the lockdown measures easing it has been fantastic to restart our goalkeeper training in Wigan. Over the past couple of weeks our training sessions have had a slightly different look as we have been focusing on building up fitness levels and confidence after the lengthy break. It’s been so pleasing to see goalkeepers return to training in good form with huge smiles on their faces! You wouldn’t have believed some GK’s have even had a break seeing some of the quality they are producing on their first sessions back. Typical that the weather has turned for the worst as soon as training is allowed to take place again but it hasn’t stopped us getting back to the action!


All sessions have been planned with the 2m social distancing guideline incorporated and are designed to get the
goalkeepers back into the swing of things whilst enjoying being back out on the pitch. Each session has no more the 4 goalkeepers in attendance, this allows the session to run smoothly with the restrictions and avoid any close contact. The sessions are also extremely competitive with various scoring systems involved, can you be a winner when you come down and train?


So far we have been able to work on our handling and footwork techniques, playing out from the back, shot stopping, positioning, angles, crossing and diving. In fact the only area of goalkeeping we cannot focus on currently is one v ones, but the time will eventually come when we can! For now it’s about getting that sharpness back and getting used to moving well around the goal area again.We all have no idea when matches will be able to take place again, but make sure you’re ready for when they do.

If you’d like a goalkeeper training session in Wigan just get in touch today.

Chris – 07925376537