It’s been a really strange time for goalkeeper training in Wigan. Within a week in March sessions went from our usual groups, to mini group sessions to no face to face training at all. We all had to adapt really quickly to a new way of life and a new way of doing things. Thanks to the world we live in today with technology, the internet and social media it’s been incredible to be able to offer goalkeeper training at home, football specific HIIT workouts and SAQ footwork sessions. It has been fantastic to hear the feedback from goalkeepers, parents and carers in relation to these sessions and I’m so glad they’ve been a useful resource at this difficult time. It has also been really pleasing to see the engagement in our competitions such as the design a glove and GK home training videos which went down really well.

With the restrictions slowly lifting very soon we will be able to offer once again one2one and small group sessions face to face. It feels like an age since we where last out on the pitch with the boots on. The sessions have been planned to fully abide by the government guidelines of the 2m distancing and limiting contact with others. Here below are some answers to potential questions about re-starting training.

What will we be working on during these sessions?

Any goalkeeper will tell you that after a break of any kind through injury or the current pandemic getting a good feel for the ball again is crucial, this will include working the hands and feet, footwork exercises, diving, handling, playing out from the back and going through all our key techniques. There will also be a goalkeeper specific fitness element to these sessions to improve conditioning and make up for lost time.

How will these sessions look?

First of all equipment will be cleaned and sanitized after every use. Students will be asked to place their water bottle and any other equipment in their own little zone to avoid any close contact. Demonstrations and service will take place from a suitable distance within the guidelines. Students will be asked to wear their goalkeeper gloves for the duration and parents/carers will be asked to ensure that boot laces are tied tight and double knotted for young goalkeepers to maximise the time available. No kit like goalkeeper gloves and hats etc will be lent out to goalkeepers during this time.

How do I go about booking a session?

Just get in touch and sessions can be booked right away, in the coming weeks there will be an online booking system in place but for now just getting in touch is the best way to book.

Where do these sessions take place?

There are currently 5 venues we have access to, this is to limit travel time for goalkeepers and make the training more accessible for all.

I hope this helps answer some questions you may have on the restart of goalkeeper training in Wigan, see you all very soon!