Hope everyone has had a great time over Christmas and New Year! At our goalkeeper training in Wigan we are back into the swing of things. A question we are getting more commonly asked is “Are there any exercises we can do at home to improve” There are some great opportunities at home to fit in some quick exercises to improve at some key areas like diving and jumping, particularly for the younger goalkeepers. Please see below some interesting ideas on how to incorporate some goalkeeper exercises into your routines at home.


These activities are mainly for indoors, so first thing would be to invest in a sponge or soft ball and make sure it is safe to go ahead with these exercises!


Many goalkeepers have a favourite side to dive on, usually the right if they are right footed and opposite for lefties. A great exercise to help improve confidence and ability on short diving to their “weaker” side can be done in your living room!


Sit up on your knees with the ball placed next to your weak side.

Hold your hands in your set position and when you’re ready rock over onto your weak side placing your hands onto the ball.

One hand on top of the ball and one hand on the side.

Your shoulder, ribs and arm should come into contact with the floor.

Make sure your hands make contact with the ball at the same time, with elbows tucked in.

Tuck your head in behind the ball.

Leave the ball where it is and rock up to your knees again. Repeat.


It may feel unusual at first but just like riding a bike with a bit of practice and patience your body will feel more comfortable with the movement.


This can be done for a couple of minutes at a time, during advert breaks on TV, when taking a break from homework or revision or simply when you have a spare minute or two.


Another exercise is to perform sets of 8 side hops on each leg onto the first step of your stairs!


This mimics a goalkeeper’s push off when reaching for the top corner, it is very important however to perform this exercise with control.


Stand side on to your stairs.

Raise your leg furthest away from the step so you’ve got a slight bend in your knee.

With your leg that is still planted on the floor bend your knee slightly and push off from your toes and land on the first step.

As you land try to hold the position for a second without putting your other foot down.

Walk back down and repeat, be sure to work both sides – Not just your favourite side!


If anybody would like some demonstrations at your next session at goalkeeper training in Wigan please just let me know as I would be more than happy to help!