20140807_115546_17What’s the number 1 issue for young goalkeepers?

Every week every day im asked “matt my keeper needs help with kicking” 95% do!

There is plenty of reasons why your goalkeeper can’t strike a ball like your midfielder, the main one is while your midfielder has a ball at their feet every second of the day learning control and striking passes, your goalkeeper is learning to catch and keep balls out the net.Keeping the ball on the floor is a very effective way to play football but it can isolate your goalkeeper playing long and developing during a game. As we all know when they step up to 11 aside things get a bit bigger.

So we have a young keeper playing short their whole life then they step up to the big pitch and they are expected to kick big. I remember it was hard enough to get the ball out the 18 yard box.

Right , how can we help our keepers?

Get them in keep ball sessions as a player, get them playing outfield in end games, let them shot in shooting drills. Find the happy balance between outfield and goalkeeping. My time in Brentford centre of excellence was spent 1 day goalkeeper training and 2 as outfield/goalkeeper training.

Below is also a micro kicking session, again do this drill with 2 goalkeepers in a goal each over 15 yards.FUN!

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