This time of year conditions can be extremely tricky for goalkeepers. That’s why over the past couple of weeks J4K surrey has been working with our goalkeepers very hard on the below aspects of goalkeeping.

The keepers have been improving getting their body behind the ball. They have also been trying to work on their hands positions when they are catching the ball. The keepers have also been looking at when the ball is to the side of them and they can’t get their body behind the ball, the keepers then work on where to parry and how to parry.

Put together all the three aspects above boils down to choice of save and when it is wet this is very important because the minor technical error could cause a issue for our goalkeeper. A great example is not getting their body fully behind the ball and because of the wet conditions the ball will slip through the keeper’s hands and the keeper has no barrier to hit so the ball will go straight in the goal.

How have we worked on this with our goalkeepers?

Luckily or unluckily we have had very wet weather so the keepers could really relate to what we were trying to help them with this week.

We had our goalkeepers set up in pairs and then a 4 x 4 box with four different colored cones marking out the square and a server around 5 to 7 yards away from the box down the line of the goalkeeper.

Without going into too much detail the server was given a variety of service to help work the different hand positions for our goalkeeper for example we had a low ball towards the legs, high ball towards the knees, high ball towards the face and service low and high to the side of the goalkeeper.

Before our goalkeepers received the service we also added loads of different footwork before they came into the save. The reason for this was to drag our goalkeeper out of line of the ball and try to get them back in line and use the correct technique to stop the ball now if a goalkeeper could not get in line with the ball then they may need to dive.

At J4K Surrey we cover all aspects of goalkeeping and much more. The above session from last week is only around 10 min snippet of a 1 hour session, so there are plenty more our keepers learned last week.

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