J4K new range picturesHas all that white stuff on the ground gone?

I think so but now we are moving into the wet part of our football season. This time of year when it’s wet and very muddy, goalkeepers tend to wear the wrong goalkeeping equipment and can find themselves also becoming bogged down in goal.


At J4K goalkeeping training in Surrey I advise the long summer short winter rule. When the ground is hard either by ice or sunshine I say to wear long-sleeved tops, long bottoms or the J4K 3/4s. When the grounds soft and boggy and the temperature is not to low then shorts is advised as the wet and mud will not seep in to your legs but it will seep into and bog down padded bottoms.





If the temperature is low and the ground is boggy and wet then ¾ bottoms are a happy medium. A lot of J4K goalkeepers in Surrey wear the J4K 3/4s, they are very good for doing goalkeeper training in.


I would also always advise to bring a spare pair of goalkeeper gloves, just in case your first pair becomes wet and cold

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