248117_2059730330630_1165822903_32505003_7510512_nGoalkeeper Training In Staines

If your looking for goalkeeper training in Staines you have dived to the right place. Just4keepers Surrey have been running goalkeeper training in Staines for over 3 years now with many of our J4K keepers moving onto Chelsea,QPR and Brentford. The goalkeeper training sessions run weekly with all aspects of goalkeeping covered and so much more from the J4K Surrey and J4K Residential Head Coach.

This week the goalkeepers have been looking at the techniques in a high dive and ways to use the high dive to reduce the size of the goal, the goalkeepers will also learn tricks and tips that only J4K experienced goalkeeper coaches can deliver.

Just4keepers goalkeeping training in Staines is offering the chance to train for FREE plus J4K sponsors and gives a way FREE goalkeeper gloves each month.

If you would like to improve your goalkeeping or get the right training for a goalkeeper in your club, then please contact J4K today

j4k pro dual pinkI hope this helps with your goalkeeper training in Staines

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