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As a goalkeeper coach the biggest dilemma I face is the balance between fun and learning




The weekly classes need to be fun and varied and occasionally light-hearted

Alternatively, if the sessions are too strict and the children don’t enjoy themselves  why would they  bother coming each week !! I have to take the Parents view into consideration – there son/daughter may love the sessions but the Parent sees lots too much “messing around” and no visible improvement in their child’s ability as a ‘Keeper and wonder  where there hard earned money  is going, if we are to strict then the child will not want to attend as they might see it more

like a chore, and no one likes chore’s I know I don’t

The way we work to combat these issues is by using a structured plan    a warm up followed by some group drills and  the drills and subject matter you want to follow that week and finish with some fun games –  having  real guidelines helps keep the children focused and enjoying the sessions  (don’t get me wrong there is still fun to be had in the drills!!) the kids love as they have a routine to follow and Parents see that both the fun and structure is there

The sessions then have to be varied despite the same techniques being practised weekly, “success is the sum of small efforts repeated ” and working together as a team, the keepers on a weekly basics help each other, and learn through each other


together each achieve more

“A happy Keeper is a better Keeper”



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