There are several BASIC SKILLS every goalkeeper needs to perform well during a competitive game?  

When I  run my goalkeeper training in Denver I always drum this into my goalkeeping students the important of practising your basics and here are just a few of my goalkeeping tips below.

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  1. Learn to perform your basic goalkeeper skills: Practice is very very important during this learning process.    NOTE:   On this stage, having a coach that would give YOU ATTENTION is VITAL.    Try to Avoid goalkeeper coaches and organisations that have hundred of keepers in attendance because this is impossible to give attention to a large group of people. In fact, Professional goalkeepers will never train in a LARGE group….. so BE VERY CAREFUL!!!!
  2. Practice your skill under game-like situations:   Some people call this PERFORMANCE PRACTICE. Regular repetition and practices and valuable coaching points and professional feedback is important on this stage.  But try to have your training sessions based around different game-like situations where your skill, comfort level and your thinking process are going to be tested just like playing in a game situation. .
  3. Learn to perform under PRESSURE CONSISTENTLY and at the same PACE as competition day or game day: as a keeper you cannot take this lightly. Doing goalkeeping drills, take endless shots and few coaching points just is NOT ENOUGH during this stage. Your gk training should be a bit out of your comfort zone, so your tested and always find ways to be trained even while you are tired to simulate high pace soccer games. However, mastering your goalkeeping skill still needs to be a priority regardless of the gk training currently going

So, if you are looking to step into the 21st century goalkeeper training then these three ways to master your goalkeeper skills will be the beginning of hopefully a very successful goalkeeping career. There are other elements, I will mention in my other blogs.

As I mentioned before on other goalkeeping blogs, keepers around the world  start their  training at a very young age but at an INTENSE PACE that no young goalkeeper in the US or even Colorado is able to do until later in their careers.

I hope this gk blog will help you get started and inspires you to look for the right training and if you are ever in my area, check out what we do when i do my goalkeeper training in denver as many of my goalkeeper students have improved immensely since participating in my weekly development classes.