Interested in goalkeeper training in Chorley, Adlington and the surrounding area?

We have weekly Classes which cover all aspects of goalkeeping. Our programme allows GK’s to pick up the key skills needed to play in goal effectively. Each session has a focus or theme. During our sessions GK’s will be put through a game related warm up, often linked to the session planned. GK’s will then move into the technical part of the session, this is where they will be shown techniques and then given chance to have lots of go’s or repetitions working on the technique. To complete the session we move into a game relate practise, this is where the GK’s get to put what they’ve learnt into action. They also get to see how it works for them in a game and are able to see lots of different relevant situations. During the whole session we speak about the GK mindset and make sure each GK knows their role within their team.

Each week our theme and focus changes, depending on progress, feedback and success. Examples of our themes and focuses include –

One v ones

Dealing with crosses


Playing out from the back

Distribution with hands/feet

Leadership and communication





Starting positions and sweeping

Plus many more!

Sound good? We would be over the moon if you’d like to come down and give it a go. To arrange your FREE sessions just get in touch, contact Chris on – 07925376537. Look forward to seeing you soon at our goalkeeper training in Chorley, Adlington and the surrounding area.