Goalkeeper Coaching in Lancashire, Preston, Bolton and Blackpool

Goalkeeper Coaching in Lancashire, Preston, Bolton and Blackpool


BOLTON - Multiple Venues Every Friday 6-7.00PM Ages 6 to 10 years 7-8:00PM Ages 11+ years

PRESTON - Multiple Venues Every Monday 4-6.00pm One2One sessions 6-7:00pm Ages 6 to 8 years 7-8:00pm Ages 9 to 11 years 8-9:00pm Ages 12+ years

BLACKPOOL - Poulton Civic Centre Pitches (Poulton Town FC), off Breck Road, Poulton, FY6 7PU Every Saturday 10-11.00AM Ages 6 to 10 years 11-12:00PM Ages 11+ years

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Looking for goalkeeper coaching? Think it may cost too much? Or unsure if it will benefit you? We are here to help. Come down for a FREE goalkeeper training session. See how we coach, talk to other keepers and parents who trust us with their coaching, and speak with the coach. Any questions? Just ask :)

Goalkeeper Coaching in Lancashire, Preston, Bolton and Blackpool

Looking for goalkeeper coaching? Think it may cost too much? Or unsure if it will benefit you? We are here to help and let you make your own decision. Come down for a FREE goalkeeper training session at one of our venues.


img_0855Junayd is the youngest coach in the Just4Keepers family.

At 24, Junayd has has already been coaching for five years since 2016.

Junayd is a FA Level 2 qualified Goalkeeper Coach.

Junayd is also a Level 3 qualified Personal Fitness Trainer.

Junayd has represented Cardinal Newman Academy in the FA English Colleges League (one of the Top 5 Colleges in England), semi pro team Ashton Athletic FC in the FA North West Youth Alliance Premier Division, and in 2015 successfully trialled to play for FC Dallas in the USA. Junayd also won the U18 category at ‘Search For An Asian Football Star’ at Wembley in 2014.

Whilst at FC Dallas, Junayd trained at the Nike SPARQ endorsed Michael Johnson Performance Center, owned by the famous 400m runner and Olympic champion Michael Johnson. He was the first youth  ‘soccer’ goalkeeper to be given a dedicated performance training program. Junayd aims to bring this amazing learning experience to his goalkeepers.

His Head Coach at FC Dallas noticed Junayds ability to coach other younger and senior goalkeepers in the FC Dallas Youth setup, often improving technicals and confidence within a short period of time. With experience of a different training outlook, at a club renowned for developing young local talent, Junayd provides a wider scope of style in his sessions.

Junayds return to FC Dallas to play at a higher level was postponed due to an untimely arm injury. After his own successful development with J4K since he was 12, he stepped into coaching to help other keepers succeed. Both keepers and parents love Junayds coaching and personality.

Ray Newland, CEO of J4K did consider Junayds age when seeking to take over J4K Lancashire, but he had seen Junayd support coaching as a demonstration keeper at several J4K Coaching Camps, so he invited Junayd for an interview. A short while into it he was offered the role.

“His passion for the students, his ideas of how to coach different ages, and how he plans to develop himself and his students shone. It is clear to see why the students respond and requested for him to be their new J4K coach”.

Junayds three words of what he and J4K do says it all…Coaching. Support. Smiles 🙂


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