Goalkeeper set positions vary from goalkeeper to goalkeeper. A comfortable set position is vital in order to be ready to make a variety of saves when called upon. Although ‘set’ positions can vary, the fundamentals remain the same. Ensure you are in a suitable set position by checking the following from bottom to top –

    1. Your feet are around shoulder width apart, toes facing forward.
    2. Be on your toes but not bouncing on them.
    3. Knees are slightly flexed.
    4. Elbows are comfortably tucked in and flexed.
    5. Hands are  presented in front of the body.
    6. Chest facing forward.
    7. Keep your nose just over your toes – This helps in order to stay balanced and keep your weight forward.
    8. Eyes are level and focused on the play.

Good analogies for the set position include – “Imagine you’re in McDonald’s at the counter holding a tray of food” or “Imagine you’re sat on the toilet reading a newspaper” or “Imagine you’re on the computer about to type some homework”

Please see below some examples of the set position and how it can vary from goalkeeper to goalkeeper –



EAST HARTFORD, CT - JUNE 19:  Goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris #24 of the United States holds her stance during a women's international friendly match between France and the United States June 19, 2014 at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, Connecticut.(Photo by Gail Oskin/Getty Images)