Are you looking for a goalkeeper school in Wigan?

We specialise in GK specific training sessions to allow your goalkeeper to learn the skills and techniques required to play in goal. We understand that during regular team training the goalkeeper is often forgotten about, with the focus being put on the outfield players. Goalkeepers need to be catered for specifically, it is a completely different position to playing as an outfielder.

What will you be learning at our goalkeeper school in Wigan?

We cover all aspects of goalkeeping, each session has a theme or focus were we zoom in on a particular area before building it up to the bigger picture and looking at game like situations. From shot stopping, dealing with crosses to goal kicks we have it covered!

The atmosphere at our group sessions is special. Goalkeeper from all different teams, backgrounds and abilities come together and have massive smiles on their faces whilst improving their game!

As well as our group sessions we also provide 1-1 training. Our 1-1 training provides an individualised experience were players are able to get that extra work in and improve specific areas of their game.

If you would like to know more about our goalkeeper school in Wigan get in touch today, we will be more than happy to help and answer and questions!