Goalkeeper Padded Gear- Be Protected

With summer approaching (and especially the HARD grounds) it is important that you start to think about protecting your body.

If you are a parent, you need to listen to the below advice!

If you speak to any goalkeeper that has dived and bruised their knee, hip or elbow they will explain that this is very VERY painful.

Also Grass burns! These grazes are not only absolute agony, they can last weeks because every time you dive you knock off the scab.

Now even though its not possible to sometimes prevent the above from happening, you can at least lessen the risk of the above goalkeeping injuries by wearing the correct padded goalkeeper equipment.

Padded Goalkeeper Gear

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Parents of young goalkeepers also need to make sure their child is well protected, as children will not think to protect themselves!

They watch their favourite professional goalkeeper play and see them wear their fashionable kit with NO padding. So children being children, they want to dress like their idol but there is one vital important thing to note, and that is the soccer pitch that most children play on will NOT be the same standard as what their favourite pro keeper plays on.

Also if you train or play on artificial pitches, it does not matter how soft the ground is, make sure you wear some type of garment to prevent grass burns.

Now before you rush off to buy padded goalkeeper gear, check out the J4K prices as like the J4K goalkeeper gloves, the J4K padded goalkeeper equipment is half the price as the so called top brands AND it’s the same quality!

Even if you decide not to purchase from J4K, make sure you get padded up!