Goalkeeper half term day camp in Boltonlewis

Why do goalkeepers need specific training?

Each week whilst I coach goalkeepers I always see a team training next to where I am coaching. 90% of the time the teams goalkeeper is stood in the goal whilst the whole team take it in turn to shoot at him. Is this beneficial to the goalkeeper? J4K believe this will only be damaging to a goalkeeper as it can destroy their confidence plus they will not be learning anything.

We know that for volunteer coaches it is hard for them to spend time with the teams goalkeepers. More and more teams are bringing in parents or coaches to help teach their keepers. Again this can have a damaging effect on the keeper as they might not be getting taught the correct techniques in a supportive environment.

J4k put on weekly goalkeeper coaching classes in Bolton and Bury. All our coaches have played at either professional or semi professional standard so we know what it takes to be a top goalkeepers.

All our training sessions are ran in a fun and friendly environment with new topics each week being taught.

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As well as our weekly coaching classes we run summer and half term holiday football camps for goalkeepers in Bolton. For information on our next keeper camp email, text or ring Lewis Bishop