Goalkeeper gloves online

Buying goalkeeper gloves online for me is like a kid going in to a sweet shop, there is so much choice, colours, brands, different palms and price variations…

Goalkeeper gloves have evolved massively over the past decade and more brands are starting up and designing gloves which gives us goalkeepers more choice.

When I played once I found a brand I was happy and confident wearing that was it I stuck with them and stayed loyal because they delivered a glove which worked for me. And I think that’s really important as a goalkeeper, there are so many glove palms from negative cut to hybrid and you will here people say this cut is for this type of hand and that for another but for me its what your comfortable wearing and what gives you the confidence and quality to play and train.

With now around 9 types of palm to choose from my best advice would be to buy a glove and see how it works for you, this can be expensive but there are some great deals out there. You will also find in one brand you might be a size 9 and then in another you might be a size 8 so there is this to consider as well.

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