Alot of goalkeepers on the internet look for goalkeeper glove bargains which is totally understandable because gk gloves do not last long, it can work out very expensive over the period of a football season.

The might type in things like, goalkeeper glove sale or goalkeeper gloves for sale etc etc. But you have to be so careful that you do not end up on a rogue goalkeeping site. There has been so many horrors stories where a keeper has bought a pair of goalie gloves off a website only to find the glove they thought they ordered was completely different once it turned up to their home. Also in some cases their goalkeeper gloves never even tuned up!

So what do you do?

Simply, just make sure you go to a reputable goalkeeping website. Now it does not have to be the j4K one it can also be other reputable glove stores and how to find their genuine, is see how long they have been online. If they have been online for more than 5 years, they are doing a good job.

Then simply, subscribe to these goalkeeping websites and then just wait for their sales. EVERY online store will have a sale now and then, including Just4keepers and when you get a email from this company stating their having a sale, if you like the gk gloves on offer, simply buy… at least you know you will get the glove you asked for by going to a reputable goalkeeper glove online store.

Hope this goalkeeping tip helps!



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