12495248_900813843349659_2627854395765194422_nJ4K Surrey Donations

As you are properly aware J4K Surrey gives out 100s of free gloves each year and donates old goalkeeping equipment to Kenya and Papua New Guinea. We now want to help keepers in Surrey and the UK, Each term i would like to donate £100 worth of goalkeeper gloves. any one can apply for the donation and we will pick them at random.

This Term we have donated/sponsored

Tottenham Football Club Ladies Goalkeepers
Tottenham Football Club CP Team
Cage Scothford Granddad (Cage is a J4K Surrey Keeper)
Ronnie Hill J4K Student & Sutton United Keeper

To Apply for a donation please email matt.nash@just4keepers.co.uk and give your reasons why you would like to receive sponsorship/donation from J4K Surrey

Goalkeeper Gloves