Goalkeepers need to have a good level of fitness, gone are the days where we can stay on our line and make saves. We need to be alert at all times and be able to react quickly to different situations.


Doing laps around the pitch with the outfield players doesn’t meet our needs however, we need specific work related to our position. Being able to change speed and stop quickly is vital for any goalkeeper to allow us to move into line and be set for shots. Moving and reacting a split second late can be the difference between conceding a goal or making a great save


The likes of Manuel Neur have in recent times been much more pro active when dealing with through balls as well, rushing out their area to cut out passes before they become goal-scoring opportunities. We need to be working on our speed across short distances regularly to allow us to deal with these situations.


Adding a fitness session to our training allows us to improve our speed, power and endurance. Below catch a video of the goalkeepers at J4K Wigan working on their fitness, starting and stopping quickly.