One of the hardest things for a goalkeeper coach is to get decent goalkeeper drills so you can add to your portfolio. Over the years i have been very lucky that I can tap into goalkeeper coaches all over the world. sorry EXPERIENCED goalkeeper coaches all over the world, so I have plugged them for their best goalkeeper coaching sessions.

However I bet you have made the same mistake as me, and bought a goalkeeper training  dvd just to learn one goalkeeper drill!

Most goalkeeper coaches only buy a DVD because they want to learn about one or two techniques but they have to buy the whole DVD and end up wasting their money because 1, there are only a few good GK dvds about and 2, most of the GK sessions thats on this DVD you really was not interested in anyway!

So what I have done is break up my DVD’s into session plans. So instead of having to by a whole DVD, you can now buy just one technique for a couple of bucks. So for example if you want to learn how to half volley a ball, I have a video download for this! Also EVERY download has its own PDF print out. So as you are watching, you can read the coaching points to look out for.

If you want to check them out, click the link below: PLease note you will be redirected to another one of my websites!

I also want to pre warn you these videos have been done in a way, so a grassroot coach or a parents can understand. I have also used minimum coaching equipment so its in line (Realistic!) what parents or grass root goalkeepers have to use.

Welcome to Just4Keepers Dorset and Somerset J4K are currently offering  1 FREE goalkeeper coaching session  and 1 FREE pair of G.K gloves to all youth keepers. We have already distributed 300 pairs and many of those keepers are now benefiting from their FREE goalkeeper coaching attending our Two J4K Specialist Coaching venues in Dorset and four in Somerset.

Our aim is to raise the technical standard of keepers and most importantly of all build their confidence, provide knowledge and expertise by Coaches who have played at the highest level and give them opportunities of taking their goalkeeping to the next level. We plan to open another J4K goalkeeping school in Dorset and Somerset In the new year. Please would you be so kind in forwarding this email onto all your Keepers to ensure all keepers receive this opportunity. I appreciate you are very busy, you would be a huge catalyst for making this opportunity happen for these keepers at grassroots level.
J4K would be more than happy to run any Goalkeeper workshop/clinics for coaches at your club FREE of charge  in the foreseeable future on a feasible basis to give coaches new coaching techniques, ideas and G.K drills.  If you would like me to attend any club meetings to explain how Mob: 07979195485. Please feel free to read some of our testimonials below that parents have written about their child’s experiences with Just4Keepers.
Best of Goalkeeping
Jay Gibbs

Best 10 year old keeper in the world ever: Coach Jay Gibbs Dorset and Somerset Just4keepers

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