If you are a goalkeeper and you are looking to achieve your goalkeeper dreams, whether that’s to become a semi or professional goalkeeper, gain a college scholarship or just to be the best goalkeeper in your league, if you are not doing something EVERYDAY to better yourself as a goalkeeper, your chances will be very slim.

I and Just4keepers have helped thousands of goalkeepers to achieve their dreams over the past two decades, and 95% of the time, the keepers that make it, are not the most naturally gifted goalkeepers.

It is actually the average goalkeepers, but who work harder than the average goalkeeper!!!

So if your competition is working on their game each day and you are not, guess what you will be left behind. But if you are working harder than your competition guess what, you will move ahead of them.

I know some might say, that they only have access to a goalkeeper coach once or twice per week, or maybe not a all. But if you want to achieve your goalkeeping dreams, you have simply no choice to either work on your own, and or get a friend or a parent to help,..

This is why I created Goalkeeper DIY. (Do It Yourself)

This is a section of the J4K website that provides training equipment to help goalkeepers with literally hundreds of drills to help them improve.

I remember as a teenager I had to use cans of tinned food to go in about out of to do my footwork drills, and or jumping over traffic cones to improve my diving (I will not tell you where I got the cones from:) – so in this day and age with all the equipment available and at such inexpensive prices, you literally now have no excuse to be doing something everyday to improve your goalkeeping.

This can be from speed ladders to improve your footwork – Rebounders to improve your handing – Hurdles to improve your jumping and diving – Balance boards to improve your core strength etc etc and etc I could go on.

So if you are a goalkeeper who wants to achieve a certain level, result or goal (pardon the pun 🙂 check out https://j4ksports.co.uk/goalkeeper-diy and check out the products.

Please make sure you check out each product description and or video that shows you how to get the best out of Goalkeeper DIY and the products to help you improve your goalkeeping.

Hope this helps

Ray Newland

Founder Just4keepers