How To improve My Goalkeeper Kicks

Distribution is now one of the most important skills a goalkeeper needs to have, especially goal kicks, so you need to get this right. It is also sooooo important that you find a goalkeeper coach that REALLY knows what they are doing when it comes to goal kicks, because if you are taught the wrong techniques, the effects can be devastating for you as a goalkeeper.
I’m asked this question hundreds of times,you have to practice as it won’t happen overnight.Goalkeepers have a variety of kicks, goal kick,half volley,volley,driven pass,side winder are a few,young goalkeepers must be allowed to try all these techniques,I see so often an outfield player taking goal kicks,WHY ?
All goalkeepers must do ball manipulation and passing drills during their club training,all to often they get sent with another coach to do some sort of goalkeeping drills,their missing out on one of the most important aspects of the goalkeepers game,DISTRIBUTION!
Don’t neglect your goalkeeper,there the most important player in your team,
At J4K DEVON & CORNWALL we coach all goalkeeper techniques,handling,footwork,diving,crosses,1v1,distribution,GK fitness,GK positioning,angles,all tricks to make you a better GK.
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