Goalkeeper development

With many grassroots clubs now offering goalkeeper training I wanted to talk about the difference between goalkeeper training and development. When I played myself in youth football progressing in to senior and pro academy football in the late 80’s through the 90’s goalkeeper coaching was non existent. Even at the pro clubs there was no goalkeeper coach full time to train the keepers on a daily basis, now most pro clubs I’m happy to say have full time coaches on board.

And the same applied to grass roots football, and now there are far more goalkeeper coaches training there clubs keepers than ever before. Coaches are slowly seeing the benefits of coaching there goalkeeper, but in some cases the training offered is just training!

With the luxury of internet videos you can jump online see a coaching video and take it in to your grass roots sessions without taking in to consideration the level, age, technical ability of the keepers your working with and if the session will benefit or be game related to develop the keepers taking part in the session.

If I was told to take a rugby session (a sport I know nothing about in a coaching capacity but have great respect for) I could see a session, copy it and with no knowledge it might look fantastic from a bystanders point of view but would not benefit the players involved in the session.

And sadly this is the case across grass roots football, I welcome the thought process behind having goalkeeper coaches but in the same breath would like to see more guidance and understanding from organizations and experienced coaches. I am opened armed to help my local clubs and those who no and work with me will tell you the same, my passion is to develop goalkeepers and help them enjoy there football when they play for there clubs.

With goalkeeper training in Chiswick myself and Matt Nash (head coach J4K Surrey) work on developing the goalkeepers to technically improve their basic foundations of goalkeeping and progress in to game related drills to give them an understanding to take in to their matches.


We cover the following areas to help develop the goalkeepers attending our sessions across our schools.

Basic technique and handling

Footwork – speed/agility – positioning

Shot stopping

Crosses and distribution

Game related play

Our goalkeeper training in Chiswick caters for keepers aged 6yrs all the way up to semi pro senior football level.

We train fortnightly every other Wednesday and offer a free 2hr introductory session.

For bookings and enquiries contact

e: jason.jamal@just4keepers.co.uk

e: matt.nash@just4keepers.co.uk

Best wishes