Goalkeeper confidence  


are you a parent/carer   of a child who love playing in goal and but find that your child sometimes lacks the confidence in goal  ???  At just4keepers Cheshire this is one of the things we will work on with your child and you will see a massive  difference within a short few weeks,

if you attend either the goalkeeper training in Runcorn, Northwich, soon to open Helsby, Frodsham, Chester you will see in a few short weeks your child’s confidence grow, below are 5 quick little tips to help your child gain confidence

  1. Encourage the team as a whole before the game when you do your team huddle “come on guys/lads/girls let’s do this” or something similar , nice and loud so the opposition can hear you is a good start, the other team will then think this keeper is ready
  2. praise your teammates   give then a high-five if they block the ball or kick it out for a corner, let them know  your thankful, communication is KEY on the football pitch
  3. TONE OF VOICE  be loud so they can hear you but not loud that you sound angry and remain calm
  4. make sure you speak, sometimes your defenders may start to drift off or not see the player running in behind then, so as long you speak to them you can keep them alert
  5. quick instructions for your team mates, as we don’t have much time to talk on the pitch keep it short such as “KEEPERS” when your coming to get the ball”   “AWAY” when you want your teammate to get rid of the ball    “MAN ON”  if your teammates has a player on them   “TIME” if your teammate has the ball and has time to find a pass

just4keepers pride ourselves on putting child development first and making goalkeepers training session fun and enjoyable that why over 10,000 goalkeepers and parents  trust j4k on a weekly basis

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