Goalkeeper Coaching Tips and Tricks

In this little article I’m going to give you some quick tips which may help your goalkeeping coaching in Surrey.

The first one is the one all goalkeepers get told off for “marking your posts on your six yard box” this one is great as it helps the keeper on edging on 1v1 and getting a good angle for any shot.

Keeping the palms of your gloves damp will increase the grip and performance of your gloves. Looking after you goalkeeper gloves will increase the life.

On a 1v1 shout at the attacker, pretend there’s a defend shutting him down, the striker may look back or panic and you now have the upper hand if they take a poor touch.

Diving, remember Stop,Set,Step,Save

If you would like more goalkeeper coaching tips and tricks or would like a Free Goalkeeper Coaching Session then please click on the link below

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