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Each year more and more goalkeeper coaches are getting disillusioned with coaching in football because every week there is more and more new coaches coming onto the scene who are newly qualified but sadly there are less and less goalkeeper coaching jobs.

At professional level, gone are the days where you had a bit of job security, I remember the days I played professionally and there was a small percentage of foreign coaches, but now this percentage has skyrocketed the other way, so English coaches roles have shrank.

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Also because football clubs know there is literally hundreds of applicants all going for the same job, they can, shall we say be flexible with the wages.

Only last year I heard about a ex premiership football club who was offering a wage of about £20,000 for a goalkeeper coach to be the coach for the first team AND the academy. That is working basically 12 hours a day, 7 days per week probably for such a mediocre wage.

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